Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Of new years and the resolutions

I dont know when and where the habit of making newyear resolutions started. It seems cliched when almost everyone, who greet me on new year day ask me about my new year resolution. I had never given any thought about such a thing in my life... So may be I should give it a try.
The familiar guy who appeared on the mirror was earnest in shortlisting ( rather I should term it 'longlisting' considering the length of the list) a few options, which were not actually farfetched.

-You shall not chase the cute scooties and pray the next signal to go red, hoping to get a glimpse of the occupants
-You shall not rue over the unoccupied pillion of your bike
-You shall not brood at being romantically challenged
-You shall not while away the weekends thinking what to do
-You shall not snooze the alarm and sleep for one more hour in the mornings
-You shall not complain about your bike's mileage (I should call it metre-age, centimetre-age or inch-age) to someone who owns a splendour
-You shall not shout at your mom when you find the shirt is not pressed
blah blah blah....

Boy!!!I am not so bad. It must have been some one else on the mirror....ok.ok. Still I felt averse to make a resolution and live it up. I cannot limit myself between the lines of righteousness without overstepping it occasionally. I like the way I am (E&OE). Everyperson should be allowed a few shortcomings. For its these bits and pieces which make us all unique and the life interesting.

Still the guy in the mirror convinced me to make a resolution. I shall try all the best I could to keep up my first resolution which is
I shall not make any resolutions in my life...

PS. One reason why I cannot convince myself is because I had been declared as

volatile char balaji; //a character which might change unexpectedly


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