Monday, December 19, 2005

Mannaru Mannan - V

Read Part IV here.

One day, Snake-a comes to Electronics Lab where Sombu is doing practicals. She goes to sit on a chair. But there is an Op-amp IC on the chair kept upside down. Sombu sees that and within a flash keeps his hand on top of the IC and Snake-a sits on his hand. Sombu's hand is bleeding but Snake-a mistakes Sombu and slaps him.

Sombu walks to her room, kicks the door open and enters inside. He pokes the IC into her hands and says.
Sombu: Nalla valikkudha?? Nee mattum idhu mela ukkaandhu irundhai-na oru vaarathukku kuppura thaan paduthu irukkanum. Adhu theriyaama nee enna adichitte. PombaLai-nna adipattavudane saree-ya kizhichi kattu podanum, ippadi kai neetti adikka koodadhu. Inga nadandhadha veLiya solladha, unakku thaan asingam.

Snake-a feels that Sombu has defeated here. She decides that the only way to defeat him is to marry him and make him her slave. So she sends her father and emotinally blackmails Sombu's mother and marries him.

One day, Snake-a was about to inagurate a new Computer lab for the department.

Snake-a: I am happy to inagurate the new lab. Turn on the computers
Sombu: One second Ma'am.
Snake-a: Nee prachanai panradhukkunne vandhu irukka.
Sombu: Prachanai naan pannala ma'am. Unga computer-la dhaan prachanai irukku.
Snake-a: Enna solra.
Sombu: Ungalukku computer-la chat panna mattum thaan theriyum. Aana students engaLukku thaan adha vechu college-laye games viLayaada theriyum.
Snake-a: adhukku enna...
Sombu: Idhu ellam Pentium 4-nu neenga nenaikareenga. Aana idhula endha processor-kum fans kedayaadhu
Snake-a: Unakku kooda thaan fans-ey kedayaadhu
Sombu: Indha mouse-la edhulayum mouse ball kedayadhu. Adhukku badhilaa adhula "daama goli" thaan irukku. Idha vechi click panna mudiyaadhu, namma mousepad-la koadu thaan podalaam. Adhuvum illaama indha computer ellam 10 naaL assembling centre-la irunduchunnu solraanga. Aana anga adhu 5 naaL dhaan irundhuchu. Meedhi 5 naaL enga irundhuchu-nu naan solren.

Sombu hits the Manager, he takes the power cord from the nearby smps and takes it to the Manager's mouth.
Manager: Ayya, enna vittudunga. naan sollidaren. Idhu ellam Mechanical dept HOD PEPSI Ajayan room-la irundhuchu.

In a fist of anger Snake-a rushes to Mechanical dept and hits Kosupathi, HOD's son. Kosupathi and his men try to ravish her. At that time Sombu comes in and says that she has AIDS, so they run away. Once again Sombu gets the better of Snake-a.

To be continued...


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