Thursday, September 01, 2005

Mannaaru Mannan (Mannan Part - II)

From the director of "Baniyan", that won 21 comments on Haloscan

Another wholesome spoof entertainment

"Mannaaru Mannan (Mannan Part - II)"

Releasing soon @ Bala-graphy

Little Dooper Star Sombu as "Vethu"
Auto-crap fame Snake-a as "Boondhi Devi"
Korattai Arangam fame Sisu as Snake-a's father
Jaya TV, sunday night "Back kaatu" programme fame Busboo, as Snake-a's assistant
Koyyapuri as Sombu's friend

The superhit of yesteryears, Rajnikanth starrer "Mannan" has been adopted for engineering college settings. Vethu is a student seeking admission in an Engineering college where Boondhi Devi happens to be the Head of the Department(HOD). Busboo is her good-natured personal assistant.

Boondhi Devi is a hard-working HOD who strives to keep her department as the Number Zero department of the college. She is a strict disciplinarian who never wants to relinquish her Zero-th position to any other department.

Strange things can happen when these characters meet.

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