Sunday, August 21, 2005

Home Alone

Day 1:
There's plenty of food, snacks and other goodies in the fridge. I watch DVDs in leisure. Feel great for being my own master and doing things at my own pace. Envy guys staying alone and cherish loneliness.

Day 2:
The food in the fridge is getting exhausted. One of my relatives invited me for dinner. So again I feel nice being alone. Its so much fun to keep things neat and tidy in the house and its a great feeling to see the house organised. Amma will be proud to see the house this way.

Day 3:
There's no food left and it won't be nice to go to the relatives house for food. Suddenly I turn adventurous and try my hand at cooking. The vegetables haven't yet arrived in the nearby shop. So I buy some potato for sambhar. Rice and dhall came out well. Next is the sambhar. I never knew how to make a sambhar. But then I proceeded following my intuitions and in another 45 minutes, I ended up with an orange coloured concoction. It was not bad and all my colleagues who tasted it identified it as sambhar, without me telling what it was. Some even gave me 80 marks for that.
Overwhelmed by the response, I go home and make some noodles for dinner.

Day 4:
I get shocked on seeing the untensils in the sink. What a stink it was? Discouraged at the sight of the oily vessels, I decide to eat out. Without drinking water and with lots of clothes to wash, dirty floors to clean, late night conference calls to attend it turned out to be a very bad day.

I call home at 10.00 in the night and find out that amma has just come back. Eat the most delicious curd rice that night.

Day 5:
Get up at 7.30 in the morning and brush. Find piping hot coffee, and newspaper on the table. Coffee never tasted so great. I realise how I had taken certain things for granted and being with the parents is perhaps the most wonderful gift in any age.

P.S. Now I sympathise all those guys and gals who stay away from the comfort of their homes.


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