Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Painful rituals

One of my close relatives recently lost their two year old son, owing to some mysterious infection. Their family was completely shaken by the loss of the kid. They fought a losing battle with the child's health for over a month and the family has run into debts to meet the medical expenses.

Staying very close to them and knowing the kid and the parents very well, the loss was a huge shock for our family.

I was quite annoyed by the way people acted when they came to the funeral. One after the other, everyone of the relatives enquired the mourning father about the death. It pained me to see the grief-stricken father describe their agony over the past month to every one of them.
There were some silly, senseless words muttered in the name of condolences like "Viduppa, namakku praptham avvaludhaan", "velai vandha naama enna panna mudiyum" (as if nobody knows all these philosphies). Some even came up with suggestions like "neenga vellore CMC poyirukkanum".

These words would only aggrevate the sorrow and suffering of the already bereaved family. I don't know whether these people are heartless morons or arrogant assholes. What they need is a shoulder to cry on and a few words of support implying we would take care of them and not philosphical preachings. When are the people going to realise this and stop oiling the fire?


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