Sunday, July 24, 2005

Thoongadhe thambi thoongadhe

A famous song in a MGR film or a movie by Kamal Hasan is not what I am talking about. Its about an afternoon nap which cost me the fun at Chennai Bloggers' meet @ Boat Club.

On saturday, I had to spend nearly five hours and take two trips across the city to track a book, which I needed for an exam on sunday. Although it was not hot that day, city driving with all the signals, bad roads, traffic blocks, oneways and noises sapped all my juices by the time I reached home around 3.30 that day. My God! Spare a thought for all those guys in marketing who spend 6-7 hours a day on the burning tarmac. It is so tiring and demanding that I ate twice the amount of rice than what I usually have for lunch. It is not an exaggeration that I couldn't even pull myself to change the TV channel until the double helpings of delicious sambhar and curd landed in my stomach.

I was almost 4.00 when I finished lunch and I decided to have a short nap until 4.30 to refresh myself and then start for the Bloggers' meet. What happened after that is history. I got up at 5.30, feeling shocked for having slept so long and angry for having missed the blogger meet. So I turned aside and continued to sleep feeling happy for not having to drive again.

If there are couple of things over which I do not have any control whatsoever, they are hunger and sleep. All of my enthusiasm, little bit of intelligence get thrown out of the window when either of them show their ugly face. Imagine my poor state when both struck me one after the other on saturday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nice to read this post. I have the same problem as well ;)

11:38 AM  

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