Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tea time classic

Tea breaks in our office are time for fun. This is Vivek's comedy in Minnale, redirected by me 2 and 1/2 years ago during a tea break. I am scribbling it here, so that I can come back any time and have a hearty laugh thinking back at that day.

I wonder how many of you will actually understand this one, because the context may be specific to my company. People who belong to the non-software community might find it hard to appreciate.

A and B are two engineers going to review a piece of code written by C. Just before the conference room, B sees his "daavu" D and goes to put kadalai with her. So A goes alone for the review

A reads the company confidentiality statement that appears on top of every file. Not knowing what it is, he deletes it.

Engineer A: aaa..onnum puriyalaye...ennada idhu company peru ellam adichu verchirukku
Engineer C: ennada review pannalamaa?

Engineer A: Ennada Code adichirukka nee. "If" statement-la bracket pottirukka
Engineer C: "If" statement-la podama, reception irukkura mokkai figure-ka bracket poduvaanga. Ayyayo...Dei andha comment enda delete panna??

Engineer A: Comment dhaane, edhukku thevai illama-nu delete pannitten. Amaan comment-a edhukku da inga adichi vechirukkeenga
Engineer C: Software bug illama odanum-nu en Project Lead dhaan adichu vechirukaan

Engineer A: Ada paavigala, code package-la motham 750 function irukku. adhula odaadha software-a da indha comment-la odida pogudhu. ungala ellam thiruthave mudiyadhu da

Just then the Quality Analyst, who audits the projects for process compliance enters the conference room.

Engineer A: Dho...vandhutaar-da audit panradhukku. ennayum serthu audit pannuya

Quality Analyst: Ennaya nadakkudhu inga
Engineer A: Adhu onnum illa sir, naanum avanum romba naal friend. dhideernu sandhichom. adhaan conference room-a book panni pesikkittu irukkom
Engineer C: Illa sir. review panraan

Quality Analyst: Ennayya review panriya..un project documents ellam kaatu
Engineer A: Document-aa konjam time kudungayya, adichi kuduthudaren

Engineer C: Paarunga sir...document illama project panraanga
Engineer A: Aama ivaru solla vandhuttaru. Sir, ivanga project-ku requirements-e kedayadhu, design pannama code ezhudhraanga. Ivalavu en sir, verum comment-a adichuttu, adha poi compile pannikittu irukkaanga

Quality Analyst: Sari un user id-a sollu
Engineer A: ""...indian branch employee. quality associate-a irukkaru.

Quality Analyst: Yov...adhu ennoda user id.un user id-a sollu
Engineer A: Adhu edhuku ya ungalukku

Quality Analyst: Needhane review panna vandha
Engineer A: Naan engayya review panninen? oru enemy dhaan review panna vandhaan

Quality Analyst: Ennadhu enemy-a
Engineer A: Aamam ya. Figure-a paathadhum peer-a cut panni vidaravan enemy dhaanungaleyya

Quality Analyst: sari sari... audit pannanum...non-compliance(NC) varum
Engineer A: NC-ya...(to C) Un kitta pazhaya peer-review defect log edhavadhu irukka???

Engineer C: Pona audit-la ivare vaangittaru
Engineer A: Adhane audit mannan ache (to QA) Enakku US branch, QA-va nalla theriyum

Quality Analyst: Appadiyaa...vanakkam thalai
Engineer A: Aana avarukku enna theriyave theriyadhu


Blogger kots said...


Had a hearty laughter... esp this line...

"Ivalavu en sir, verum comment-a adichuttu, adha poi compile pannikittu irukkaanga".

12:52 AM  

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