Wednesday, June 22, 2005


As Punna walks backwards towards the middle of the road, a bus coming at a very high speed hits him and Punna succumbs heavy head injuries.

Ten days later in the hospital, Punna wakes up and asks who he is. The doctors examined him and told his parents that Punna had lost whatever little brain he had and that he would never remember the past, a confusing variant of Amnesia. Everybody was worried about Punna, but his mother took heart when she saw him proposing to the sweeper maid who came to clean his room.

Sorini came to see Punna at the hospital.Because of the sympathy wave, she had fallen in love with Punna. Although Punna could not recognise Sorini, he immediately accepted her love.

Soon both of them got married. It was their first night and both of them eagerly entered the bedroom. The moment Punna touched Sorini, Paenmozhi emerged out. (Remember Paenmozhi was in love with Punna)

Paenmozhi: "Enna dhairiyam irundha nee, Sorini-ya kalyanam pannipa"
Punna : "Sorini, enna pethara. naan unna dhaane kalyanam pannikitten"
Paenmozhi: "Muttaall, naan Paenmozhi-da. Sorini illa."
Punna : "Enna solra nee"
Paenmozhi: "Naan nee odinadha parthu unna love pannen. Aana nee Sorini-ya kalyanam
pannikkitte. Un kai viral ava mela patta podhum, naan avala konnuduven.
nee enna thavira vera endha ponnaiyum thoda koodadhu"
Punna : “Ennadhu Sorini-ya kolai panniduviyaa. sari enakku ava vendam..unnaiye
kalyanam pannikiren"
Paenmozhi: "Madaya, Sorini podura pichai enakku venaam"
Punna : "Appadinna naan enna dhaan panradhu...neeyum vara mattengura...avalayum
thoda vida mattengura"
Paenmozhi: "Vaayila virala vechikittu appadi orama padu"

In typical Kollywood style, Punna takes a pillow, blanket and slowly walks out of the room.

Punna : "Kalyanam panniyum brahmachari-ya...enna kodumai da idhu"

Just when he turns he sights the dressing table and drags Paenmozhi to it.

Punna : Kannaadi-a paaru
Paenmozhi: Kannaadi-la Sorini irukkaa. Naan enga???
Punna : Ippa purinjudhaa. Nee vera, Sorini vera kedayaadhu. Nee Sorini-kku ulla
irundha oru character, Chandramukhi madhiri.
Paenmozhi: Enna naan nejam illayaa. Ivalavu naal naan Sorini udambulayaa irundhen.
ada kadavuLe!!!
Punna : Amaam. Dhayavu senju idatha gaali pannu. Enakkum Sorini-kum neraya
velai irukku.

Suddenly Paenmozhi falls down unconsciously.

Punna : "Sorini..Sorini..."
Sorini : (Slowly waking up)"I am sorry Punna. First night room-la vandhu thoongitten
Punna : Paravaa illa chellam...veettu VCD-ya pudhu pada pettiyaa thookki poga
pogudhu. Laka laka laka

The screen falls here and the audience give a standing ovation.

Watch out for the exclusive interview of the director.


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