Friday, June 17, 2005

Watch your speed

A small piece of information to the drivers of Chennai.

If you happen to travel from Nandanam to Teynampet via Mount Road during off-peak hours (say 11.00am to 5.00pm) endure that you stay within the speed limits, which is 40-45kmph for 2 wheelers and 4-wheelers. In case of weekends, be doubly careful.

There is heavy patroling in that stretch and atleast 6-7 vehicles get caught for overspeeding every time the signal turns green. The interceptor which records the vehicle speed is well-concealed, that by the time one realises the situation his/her speed would have been already registered in the speed-guns.

For the drivers this is a wide stretch, where they usually tend to up their revs. Sometimes I had felt that even the cruising pace is above the limit. Out of my personal experience I tell you, its a horrible sight to see the "thoppai mamas" run across the road with their arms out-stretched resembling Ravi Krishna's dance in "Kan pesum varthai" song of "7/G Rainbow colony".

Why unnecessarily waste the hard-earned money???


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