Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Baniyan(A)...Shankar's next movie

Baniyan - 50% Boys, 50% Anniyan

Presenting a triangular love story...

Hero of the movie, Punna (full name 'Punnakku') is a feeble minded guy who falls in love with anyone/anything of the female gender. His track record so far includes 25 girls in his college, 10 housemaids in his neighbourhood, 3 Pomeranians and 2 manikins of Naidu Hall.

The heroine, Sorini is a tough girl with two lives in single body. No, no, no...she is not pregnant. She has Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). (If you do not know what MPD is, stop reading here). The other character inside her is called Paenmozhi.

Paenmozhi was born when Sorini was 9 years old. She had so much lice on her head, that her parents employed a maid who would accompany Sorini to her school and scratch her head, when she writes her lessons. The strange noises made when the nails scratched her head were so terrible that none of the boys dared to sit near her. At first Sorini hated only the boys in her class for ignoring her. The hatred slowly spread towards the boys of the other sections who visited her class in break times to watch the funny sight of a maid scratching her head. Within a year's time Sorini had developed extreme hatred for the opposite sex.

Paenmozhi came into existence when one day a guy accidentally hit Sorini in the school corridor. Paenmozhi caught the guy by his collar and threw him to the ground and tried to strip him. She felt it was the best way to insult the guys who had tormented her all these days. From then on Paenmozhi would emerge everytime a guy approached Sorini with amorous intentions.

As time passed by Mediker came to the market and got rid of all the lice in Sorini's head.

After her schooling, she joined the same college in which Punna was studying in second year. It was the first day of her college and Punna was eagerly waiting to rag his junior girls.

There he saw Sorini being ragged by his seniors. Punna cannot rescue her, because he might be ragged again. At the same time he was very attracted by Sorini that he could not leave her, and within 5 seconds he fell in love with her. Slowly he approached his seniors...

(To be continued...)

P.S. I have no intentions of directing a mega serial. So this story would end soon.


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