Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How to take it?

Had been to my colleague's Bachelor's party last night. We had so much fun and much more food that I could hardly walk and by the time I reached home it was 11.30 in the night.

Unwilling to sleep immediately because of my hard rock tummy, I called up my colleague Lokesh and indulged in "vettipechu" for about half an hour or so. Although we didn’t talk anything useful/interesting, I noticed that my mother, who had switched off the lights and gone to sleep, started behaving strangely. I should also mention that this was the first time; I made a call to someone after 10 in the night.

Every now and then she came to my room with one excuse or another, once to take a blanket, once to take my shirt that was hanging on the door and so on. It was strange because on many occasions I had been awake playing games or reading novels and she doesn’t usually complain. She was quite curious to find out the person at the other end.

How am I to take it? Should I think "I've got such a wonderful mother, who can find out even the smallest change in me." or "In spite of being a good son that I am, why should they get cautious unnecessarily?"

"Che...Amma-voda indha chinna sandhegatha kooda nijam aaka mudiyaama irukkene...Enna Kodumai da idhu" (Read the final part with Prabhu's accent in Chandramukhi)


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