Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Which one?

Read through the small story and tell me what you would do.

There are 2 sets of railway tracks passing through a residential area. One of the 2 tracks was not at all used by any train, while the other was used frequently.

Children of the locality play on the tracks and the lineman had warned them several times not to play on the frequently used track.

A few days passed and one day a superfast train had to cross that place. The lineman who had to change tracks for the train found that some children were still playing in the frequently used track, and there was a kid sitting in the unused track. Now he has to immediately select a track. He has no time to warn the children or to stop the train.

Which track should the lineman select?

If he selects the frequently used track, he will end up killing many children. At the same time, if he selects the unused one he will kill the child which had listened to him. What would be righteous decision on his part?

P.S: This story came up when my colleague, Lokesh and I were discussing as to why some people suffer for no mistake of theirs and we could not find a convincing answer.


Blogger kots said...

This story i ve come acrossed during my professional ethics class in my college.

We couldn't come to a decision even with a ethics professor.

1:54 AM  
Anonymous Shivku said...

Just go on the frequently used track. The kids will move out of the way, since they already know that its dangerous to ride on it..

5:14 AM  

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