Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Basic Instincts!!!

I love to live on instincts, doing things based on what my mind says at that instant. Life had been more enjoyable and lively when I get instinctive.

But because I hate being alone, most of the times I would curb my instincts due to lack of a proper company. Those times would be very frustrating and it will take lot of effort to convince myself and do something else in lieu of what I wanted to do.

Sometime last weekend, I made up my mind to pursue my instincts even if it meant that I would be doing things alone.

I never once felt bored during the entire weekend, be it searching the Chennai map and going to Triplicane Parthasarathy temple, or watching the movie "Kana Kanden" at a nearby theatre, or dining at Bella Ciao near my office although the food was expensive.

Dumb me!!! It has taken me so long to discover the great joy of being myself and I don't have any intentions of letting it go.

P.S. For anyone who read this post lusting about Sharon Stone,
"Nalla Emandhiyaa!!!"


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