Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Living a dream

It takes lot of perseverance and will-power to live a dream and I personally do not know many who have done it. That way, I am happy to be amongst the personal phonebook of Cheralathan, my good old friend who recently graduated from the Kilpauk Medical College.
We both nourished the same ambition in our school days, and both ended with the same fate after our highsecondary exams. That was when our individual characters tookover us. I fell for the easy option of engineering, while he was loyal to his doctorial aspirations and waited for one more year.

That he managed to endure the ordeal of staying at home for an entire year and earned himself a place in KMC the following year are by themselves inspiring stuff for the Toms, Dicks and the Harrys. But he did not stop with that. The manner in which he conducted an intercollegiate quiz competition as a sophomore brought him accolades and also similar requests from as far as Thanjavur Medical College.

Now he has again stuck to his dreams, by letting go an opportunity to practice in the United Kingdom for pursuing a Masters degree in surgery. It is obvious that he has got miles to go, but everyone of my friends and all my family members are confident that he would leapfrog his way to excellence.

I would be one of the happy souls on earth when Chera scales the peak.

Dude, I am extremely happy for you and wish you the very best in all your endeavours.


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