Saturday, April 09, 2005

Oops!...I did it again

Yes, I managed to win the 13th edition of CWC (Clue writing contest). For the sake of record, this is the 3rd time my entry is finding a place in the CWC Hall of Fame and this puts me alongside the stalwarts Raapi and Shyam.

The biggest honour in winning the CWC is that the winner gets to moderate the next CWC. So this time its me.

Thought of making this edition a bit more interesting.

So here goes CWC#14

People will have to frame the clues based on the following rules

1) The answer to the clue should be 2 words and not one word. (like
"well-done", "good morning" etc)
2)The sum of the letters in the 2 words should be 9.
3)It can also be an hyphenated word
4)Participants can break it up any way they wanted (2,7...5,4...etc)
5)Make sure the words go well with each other and also with the clue.

I hope the participants find the new rules interesting.

BTW, the prize winning entry of CWC#13 is

"Ad show undone in an unilluminated area (6)" - SHADOW


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