Saturday, January 15, 2005

First Day First Show...

It is a matter of pride amongst us to see the first day first show of a movie, especially if it has been hyped a lot or if the movie is of a favourite actor. Commenting the movie and revealing the suspense knot of the climax to the eager friends is a great fun in itself. The fun gets manifold, if the movie makes it big at the box office.

But I am not going to have any of the above mentioned for having seen the first day first show of Vijay starrer "Thirupaachi", a very poor blend of commercial ingredients. Everything seemed wrong about the film. To start with the movie was a too lengthy (3 hours). Trisha lacked the usual charm associated with her and the screenplay was found wanting in all aspects, especially good sense of humour since the movie was categorized as commercial. I pity the director for having relied on 'Pasamalar' kinda brother-sister sentiments to push the movie. Last but not the least, the cacophony made in the pretext of songs made me feel that Gold Flake and Scissors have paid a lump sum bribe to the music director to boost their sales.

It’s been 24 hours since I came out of the theatre, but I still can't come out of the bitter experience because I had to skip the breakfast and waste a nice holiday for a hopeless 3rd grade movie


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