Monday, June 06, 2005

Weekend trip

Had been to a couple of temples near Chengelput on sunday.

First we went to Yoga Hayagreevar temple at Settipunniyam. This is a small but old temple built in the 1800s. A small piece of history about this temple. The "Urchavamurthi" here was brought from Thirvayindrapuram and there is a very old tree which dates back to the days of nayanmars.

Next we went to Padalathri Narasimhar temple at Singaperumalkoil. The specaility of this temple is that, a part of the temple is a small hill. It forms the wall on one side of the temple. One has to actually go round the hill in order to go round the temple. The entire place is very beautiful.

Main Entrance at Singaperumal Koil

View of the hill and temple. The tree you see behind the rock is also said to be very ancient

I am not a very religious guy but for some unexplainable reason, I like Vaishnavism. Yesterday's trip was quite unplanned and it turned to be a nice one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Singaperumal koil towards east 10 kms hanumanthapuram temple which is familiar for agora veerabadrar. very very amusing atomosphere

3:52 AM  

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