Sunday, May 22, 2005

Chennai Bloggers' meet

Yes, I managed to attended one. It was at Java Green in North Usman road. A dozen and odd people turned out, and as usual I was late for it by 15 minutes. There were variety of people, say engineering students, embedded engineers, technical writers, architecture students and few more

It was a great experience being there among the top bloggers. This was the first time I met every one of them, and 10 minutes into it I felt as though I was at my college alumni meet. We were talking like we had known each other for ages. My god! blogging has shrunk the world to nothing. It was real, real fun. What struck me was, how unassuming and down to earth those people were.

There was a formal round of intros followed by a long chat session until we realised how pathetic the person behind the counter was. We started off with some cold coffee, and then proceeded to the basement for some ice creams, pani puri and cutlet. When it was time to part, I came to know that Kiruba's car had a flat tyre. We reached there in my two-wheeler only to find that there were no mechanics close by. Then we moved it across the road opposite to the planetarium before I took leave from Kiruba and headed excitedly towards my home.

On a personal note, I had identified a couple more Hindu crossword enthusiasts and prompted them to join the "TheHinduxword" yahoo groups. Moreover I proved myself that I am no more an introvert that I used to be.

Pictures of the meet are available at


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