Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Recently I discovered that I had been preserving all the birthday cards that I have received so far.

Is it worth having them anymore? Some are more than 10 years old. And I do not have any contact with most of those who have signed them. What is the point in keeping those pieces of paper when they do not stir any special feelings in me?

Its time I come over the silly sentiment of mine. There were days when I used to feel that losing the card was equivalent to losing the friend. Now I understand that I have more cards than the friends themselves.

There are a few dozens of cards, a few wall-hangers, couple of flower vases and some key chains which I had collected over the years. In addition, I have the so-called slam-book with all sentimental words one can find. And I had taken undue pains to pack and unpack all of them, everytime we shifted our house in the past decade.

I have decided to get away with all these. Not because that I do not respect/like those who have given them, but because I feel that I have matured enough to understand the real value of such relics.

Anyhow I am giving myself one more week, before I dispose. Just in case, I get stupid again and resort to old sentiments.


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