Monday, May 02, 2005

Old habits die hard

There are certain things about me which have not changed a bit over these years. These habits, whether good or bad have decided to stick with me through the thick and thin.

- Switching off the TV once Sachin Tendulkar gets out
- Gifting myself a Dairymilk everytime my lazybones manage to visit the supermarket
- Blowing and bursting the empty bread covers after finishing their contents
- Clicking any link about Aishwarya Rai
- Making missiles out of the advertisement pamphlets firing them at some imaginary target
- Turning my head to any degree inorder to catch a glimpse of the gals on the road
- Liking for the Chappati's made by Amma
- Denying whatever my brother asks me, even if it is trivial
- Day dreaming about a romantic life in Utopia
- Wanting to do so many things and cursing myself at not doing any
- Composing my blogs as bulletpoints like a Part B answer for a Madras University question paper (Atleast I have that feeling)

There has been so many changes in me over these years that I am surprised to have held on to a few.


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