Wednesday, March 09, 2005

CWC #11

CWC is not the Cotton World Corp at Khader Nawaz Khan Road. It is the Clue Writing Contest that we conduct in The Hindu Crossword yahoogroups.

So far the members have strained their grey cells and come with some exciting clues.
CWC #11 is moderated by Raapi, a prolific solver and one of the moderators of the group.

The word for CWC #11 is

The clues should be based on the following rules:
1) You can use any type of wordplay (anagram, double defn, etc...)
2) Use minimum number of words as possible without compromising surface reading. (Ex. A clue with 8 words and good surface reading will be given more weightage than the one with 7 words and poor surface reading)
3)Clues with reference to any brand/literature/trivia shall gain higher mileage than mundane clues.
4)Clues with no proper surface reading shall occupy the bottom of the points table.

These are my entries for the context.

Official Clue:
Did noise madden the blue-green dogs?(9)

noise - caophony (Required word)
blue-green - cyan
dogs - pooch
madden - anagram indicator

Bonus Clues:
1)Dissonance caused by spraying hydrocarbon on canopy (9)

dissonance - cacophony
hydrocarbon - HCO (organic chemistry)
canopy - anagram fodder
spraying - anagram indicator

2)Discordance produced when Hypnos endlessly consumed 50% Coke (9)

discordant sound - cacophony
Hypnos - anagram fodder
Coke - Coca Cola (50% Coke - COCA - 50% of Coca Cola)
consuming - anagram indicator

Keeping my fingers crossed till the results are announced.


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