Friday, February 11, 2005

Weekends have a weak end...

As yet another weekend knocks at my door, I muse over the last weekend when I made huge plans and it became an utter flop. It went like this...
I relentlessly pestered my colleague Rajesh and finally coaxed him for a movie at Mayajaal. We made early start this time, not wanting the history to repeat itself. Those anxious to know what the history was, read my previous blog.
Rajesh is from Andhra and I didn't want to trouble him with Tamil movies. So we made a deal that we would go to only Hindi or English movies. Then the Aishwarya Rai poster captivated us to buy tickets for the movie "Shabd". Oh God! I had never seen such an intolerable movie all my life. we were both running out of the movie hall barely 40 minutes into the movie and didn't even mind wasting the tickets.
The lunch that day was an uninviting pizza from the foodcourt at Mayajaal. Seeing the turn out that day, I wonder from where they get the funds to maintain the place and run the movies.
What followed after lunch was some sort of a consolation. Unwilling to waste the 45 rupees toll for just 1 km, we decided to go for a drive along ECR and before long we reached Mahabs. I had to step into the shoes of a tourist guide for the next one hour till we visited some of the places. The return journey concluded with a delicious Strawberry Frappe at Coffee Day.
I didnt stay home long for I had to go to my friend Subbu's house at Koyambedu for the so-called "Combined Study". At this point, I should mention that myself and 2 of my class-mates have enrolled ourselves for Long Distance Management course with Symbiosis and the exams have been scheduled for next month. Till this moment I do not understand why we spent 12 hours playing computer games, chatting about Tiruvayyaru music festival, roaming around Ritchie Street. Because all the above mentioned totally unplanned.
This is not the first time that I had ended up doing just the opposite of what I had planned. But I do not understand why it always happens with me...
I do not know what this weekend is having in store for me.
Just another ranting from a restless mind which is both hungry and lazy


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