Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Chinna Chinna Aasai...

Often in my life, the chinna chinna aasai-s have given me lots of satisfaction and happiness, which I cherish for a long time. Most of the times it can be very simple, something like driving a car or reaching 100kmph in my Fiero/Maruti 800 or driving to Pondicherry along ECR or watching a movie from the ramps at Prarthana Drive in.

Something about these chinna chinna aasai-s is that I had been mad for them until I did them. I do not say that these things can give a sense of achievement but the thrill and enjoyment derived has no match.

Somethings have taken me by great surprise. Since my college days, I had been day dreaming of driving a car. And it happened all of a sudden when my father took a U-turn at Madhya Kailash and went to ABT(Maruti Dealer) instead of Ramkay motors(TVS dealer). In fact we were going to Ramkay with Rs.50,000/- in cash to book a Fiero. And Madhya Kailash signal is just 500 metres before Ramkay motors.

It was the day my dad gifted me the beautiful elegant Maruti 800. But then its altogether a different story that I gave it back to my dad and bought myself a Fiero six months later.

I am reminded of these aasai-s when I cherished another one yesterday by fitting a cd player in the car. It was great to hear AR Rehman, Harris Jeyaraj, Bon Jovi, Mirchi Suchi, all from the compact Pioneer player.

There is a lengthy list of unfulfilled chinna chinna aasai-s. Here I go
- Play Basketball
- Learn to whistle
- Write a love story
- Direct a comedy play
- Try different varieties of continential food
- Cook a delicious meal
- Drive to Goa along with friends
- Watch the nightshow of a horror movie with a girl
- Visit Mauritius
- Play with snowflakes in Himalayas
the list goes on.

Again mostly simple yet thrilling things.


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