Sunday, May 08, 2005

STAR sports or SUN music

Kimi wins over Narain in Spanish GP by 3 laps.

Well, that's not only the difference between the first and the last driver but also between the insightful commentary of Chris Goodwin/Steve Slater and the non-sense speech by some Tamil commentator.

Who is that buffoon giving Tamil commentary for the Formula One races? Already plagued by the CAS in Chennai, I rarely get to see the F1 races. And when something as stupid as the Tamil commentary happens, even an ardent fan like me loses the interest in F1. Infact, I would prefer to just watch the qualifiers alone and see the race results at F1 website.

If ESPNStar thinks that these shitloads of so-called Tamil commentary would increase the viewership of F1, then they will have to eat their hats. Narain might have become a house-hold name in Chennai and India but this is not the way to popularise the game.

I am not against local language commentary for the sport. But when somebody talks the entire one and half hours race duration in a language which has alternate words from Tamil and English, it sure irritates the listener. The commentary was rife with utterances like

- Kimi nichayamga oru comfortable position-il irukkirar endru sollalam
- Ingey battle for 3rd and 4th places nadandhu kondirukkiradhu
- Indha race-il Schumacher konjam unlucky-aaga karudhuvaar

and many more I cannot remember (Frankly, I don't want to remember).

The broadcasters must have realised that they are not recruiting for a some cheap dial-in show, where one can come with a hairdo resembling peacock plume and talk crap.

I should mention that watched half the race without audio.


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