Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Calmly Waiting Contestants (CWC)

It’s been a while since the CWC 16 got over, and as a member of the "TheHinduXword" pointed out, it has been a calm wait for the contestants, who are eager to know Raapi's verdict.

For some reason, I couldn't come up with a completely satisfying clue even after spending a couple of hours.

Here go the rules for CWC 16 followed by my entry...

The word for CWC #16 is

Any English (Hollywood) Movie title. (Minimum 2 words in the title)


You will have to frame your clues on similar lines based on the following rules:

1) You can use any type of wordplay (anagram, double defn, etc...)
2) Use minimum number of words as possible without compromising surface reading.
(Ex. A clue with 8 words and good surface reading will be given more weightage than the one
with 7 words and poor surface reading)
3) Clues with reference to any brand/literature/trivia/actors/actress shall gain
higher mileage than mundane clues.
4) Clues with no proper surface reading shall occupy the bottom of the
points table.


Fugitive takes a second class ride when she needs to forsake her fiance (7, 5)

fugitive - runaway
second class - B
ride - ride

takes - wordplay indicator
Rest of the clue is a reference to Julia Roberts, who deserts her grooms at the altar

I know there will be better entries than this one. But I am curious to know where this clue fits in the points table.


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