Sunday, May 22, 2005

Arindhum Ariyamalum

My recent resolve to act on instincts is certainly taking me places. I go to places where I wouldn't have otherwise gone. Similarly I meet people whom I wouldn't have otherwise met.

Rather unexpectedly I landed in Devi Kala, on friday night to watch the night show of Arindhum Ariyamalum.

Watching night shows on weekends might be the way of life for many. But a considerable percentage of those seemed to have different intentions. Why should they be inebriated when watching a movie? How many intended to watch this movie and how many realised that they had come to movie could be included as 15th questions for the coming editions of KBC-2.

While "Chandramukhi" is reaping lakhs by the day, the director and producer deserve a pat on their backs for releasing "Arindhum Ariyaamalum" without much of a hype. The music scored by the celeb kid Yuvan Shankar Raja, was the only reason I found to watch the movie until I actually did it. Now I am speculating about watching the movie for the second time.

Coming to the movie, it was an unconventional, offbeat, casual entertainer. A critical viewer that I am, I could not find a single dull moment in the movie. The director has not indulged himself seriously into any stereotyped themes. Nothing has been done for the sake of doing, be it humour, sentiment or action. The screenplay remained very focused throughout the movie never deviating from the mainline. Prakash Raj once again impresses with his brilliant screen presence. Choreography, camerawork and background score deserve a special mention.

What really caught me was the twist at the break. When gory action was expected in the second half, movie took a complete U-turn and headed humourously towards the climax. The guy who comes as Prakashraj's adopted son impresses both in the action as well as comedy sequences. The film on the whole was frivolous, which I liked.

A few drawbacks can be spotted like, unconvincing portrayal of Prakashraj as lawbreaker, expressionless heroine(that didn't affect the movie much), needless song(silsil mazhiye). All in all, knowingly or unknowingly (arindhum ariyamlaum), I watched a good movie.


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