Sunday, June 05, 2005

Evam Indrajit

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Life has been at its interesting best for quite sometime now. New people, new things, new places,...can't ask for better. I have run into people who believe in the same values that I do.

Although my professional life sucks, personal life surely rocks.

Must have been 3 weeks or so, since I went to Besant Nagar with my colleague. And beaches have this tendency of driving me philosophical. Seems to be the same for many others also. Myself and Lokesh, spent a couple of fast hours trying to assimilate so many things which we haven't clearly understood.

I do believe that every thing in one's life happens for a reason. But then I failed to understand why things should happen in the first place. Why earth, why moon, why water and land, why the plants and the birds, why you and me? Is there someone operating all of us? If so what's his intentions? What's his motive behind doing all this? 'Cos comparing the eternity of earth and the ethereality of life, men seemed trivial, just time based variables who could do no more than live, multiply and die. Why should men be born, grow, study, work, struggle and run through the mills of life only to be dead one day.

This is in short, what we debated and of course 2 posts below this one, came up somewhere in between. By this time, you must be wondering what the title of the post has to do with what you have read here. This is exactly what the play "Evam Indrajit" by Madras Players and Evam is all about.

Somebody has made this play for me. Saw myself in the person who raised the same questions that were running through my mind. May be there are so many like me, not knowing their purpose on earth. The beauty of the play was that it did not attempt to answer the questions, which frankly no human can, but showed how one has to handle them.

Bottom line of the play is that "Things keep happening, there is no destination to life, only the path exists. Have faith on it and make your journey"

Once again my strong belief that everything happens for a reason is substantiated. Otherwise why should a guy sleeping after a sumptuous midday meal, wake up all of a sudden, decide against swimming and land in a theatre for the first time. Beats logic. Isn't it?

My personal feeling about the play is that it was a bit too lengthy. Or maybe the playwright wanted to drill the question well into the heads that had no time or intellect to think about all this. In the end, I have my own reasons to be satisfied about "Evam Indrajit".


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