Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I wonder...

What do you think is common between

- Arindhum Ariyamalum - a Tamil movie and Evam Indrajit - an English play
- Cappucino @ Coffee Day and South Indian meals @ Saravana Bhavan
- Playing cricket at Nanganallur and visiting temples near Chengelput

except that I was there at all these places over the weekend.

There seems to be no connection whatsoever between these places. Still I was interested in everyone of them to the same extent. I did not have a single dull moment at these places, except for the 15 minute interval at the play which I had to spend in loneliness.

The biggest drawback of a wide spectrum as of mine is that, I haven't found someone who shares my likes and dislikes. And my blog is the outcome of the loneliness which sometimes frustrate me.

Seeing at the rather contrasting things that I do, I sometimes wonder if I am not clear of what I want in life?


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