Saturday, June 18, 2005

Anniyan rocks

Shankar's Anniyan has finally hit the screens and it is worth the wait. After the release got postponed four times, many including me had lost interest in the movie.

Shankar and Vikram have reserved their very best for this venture and the producer's confidence in the team has finally paid off. No words can exactly describe the performance of Chiyan, who by his sheer brilliance occupies the movie goers' mind for close to 3 hours.
Seems like this is the season of Multiple Personality Disorder. Following Superstar's Chandramukhi, Anniyan has also taken the same theme, but portrays it in a different way with some inspiration from Sidney Sheldon's "Tell me your dreams".

Vikram plays three roles. In reality he is a perfectly law-abiding lawyer who cannot tolerate even simple mistakes. Everytime he sees someone being irresponsible and breaking the law even to the slightest extent, he questions them and when there is no proper response he gets tensed at his own helplessness and the unscrupulousness of those around him.

There are 2 other personalities residing inside him. One is Remo, a lover guy and the other is the title man Anniyan, who owns a portal by name and punishes anybody who is brought to his notice by the affected.

After a touch too lengthy first half, the later half of the movie describes the situations under which the 2 characters were born inside a timid, righteous boy. Shankar has ensured he doesn't get illogical in creating the personalities or bringing out their behaviour making the movie as impressive as it is.

Sadha plays Vikram's lady love, while Vivek neatly fits into the comedian role once again. Prakash Raj dons his role to perfection as the Police Officer who chases Anniyan.
Although the movie reminds of Indian, the way in which the killer leaves back a message at the place of murder, Shankar has made intelligent use of anagrams and references to Sanskrit Puranas to keep the pace moving. Once again the director has proved that he thinks big in all his song sequences. Looking at the "Andan kaakka" song, one gets a feeling that he has gone a bit too far in impressing the audience with grandeur. The rest of the songs are gems among which "Kannum Kannum" takes the top spot.

Something that hurts the ardent, knowledgable fans is that the background music score is not as good as it should be. That is one aspect that separates Harris Jayaraj from the big boy for such occasions ARR.

I am very much impressed with the movie and I am planning to watch the movie again tomorrow. Maybe I will have to start early from the blogger's meet on podcasting at Coffee Day.


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