Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Urgent Help needed

Does anyone of you know the website of Al-Qaeeda? Watch Al_Jazeera channel? Know the website of Hurriyat, Al-Ummaar, ULFA, LTTE, naxalite or any other militant outfit. Or know the website of famous museums around the world.

I want to know who has claimed responsibility for the robbery of my brand new Reebok floaters that happened 3 days back. It is a very expensive pair and gives excellent grip even in marshy surfaces. I know it would cost even more now, since I climbed a peak near Masinagudi using that.

I am using my blog to request the responsible ones to return my "Padarakshaalu" back to me.

P.S. For those cursing me now, feel free to use the comments section. The loss is just too much to bear in silence


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