Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Challenging BB

We all know BB is the person with the utmost patience to watch and review movies like Amudhae, 6.2, Jithan, Sevvel, Gurudeva etc. I always wonder as to how he can sit in front of such movies in the first place, let alone watching and reviewing them. My God, he has got loads of patience. Excuse my language, but I cannot tolerate the even hoardings of such movies.

Sometimes he also reviews the audio for the movies. Now I think I have a found a fitting challenge for BB.

Can the patient BB listen to a couple of songs in the film "Vairavan". To those who don't know about this movie, it is directed by Karikalan the villain of "Solaiyamma", and the music is composed by Aasan (who is he????)

BB, If you agree to take up the challenge, listen to the songs "Povathamma" and "Indha Poluthum". FYI, the second song is sung by Karikalan himself.

The songs can be downloaded from The picture of the movie is enough indication of what to expect. BB, please think twice before you accept this challenge and don't tell me I didn't warn you.


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