Tuesday, August 30, 2005

World Blog Day

It was dark night in August 2112 and little Nano had post his maths homework in his blog. For only the previous week, his teacher had written an undeletable comment in his blog about his poor performance and all his girl friends were making fun of him.

But this time around the question was difficult. Nano read and re-read the question many times. And everytime it only read

"If there are 11 comments in Haloscan and 20 comments in Blogger of your blog, how many comments are there in the visitor's blog."

Ofcourse there was Google Brain Search 2.3 which could search the brains of all people and flood the results within seconds, but the answer to this question was not to be found in anybody's brain and it was already 3.30 in the morning. Within half an hour the 7th shift of his school would start and his history teacher was very strict about punctuality.

Nano had had bitter experiences with her in the past when he had been late a couple of times and was asked to recite all of Kiruba's June 2002 blogs in the reverse order.

"Today should not be another day", he said to himself.

He rushed across the house gathering his stuff for the school while his mother undone by his frenzied running was watching the 2.0753 E +25th (i.e, 20753 followed by 22 zeroes)episode of
"Kolangal" on the Sun TV.

Their house was on the 250th floor, while the common helipad where he had parked his new BSA SLR mini-helicopter was on the 325th floor. So another 10 seconds to reach the top. Only on reaching his slot he realised that there were no fan blades in the helicopter.

"Adedey, Nethu thaane Ruby veetu ceiling fan repair-nu namma vandi fan-a koduthom. Che! enna panradhu"

He had no other way but to go by public helicopter.
"Innikku Foot-board thaan adikkanum. Endha mottai maadi-oda antenna-layum idichikkaama ozhunga school poganum saami"

Avoiding the antennas and the clothes that were put to dry completely occupied Nano that he did not realise the time it has taken. It was 4.10 and the history teacher was already there. "Pochuda, inikku enna aaga pogudho theriyala"

"Excuse me..."
"Do you know what time it is??"
"Yes I am 23 hours and 50 minutes early for tomorrow's class"
"Late-aa vandhadhum illama thimiraa badhil solriya. Imposition kudukkava..Lazygeek blog-la 2005 December comments ellam 10 times type pannanum ennoda 1975 typewriter-la"
"Ayyoyo ennala idhellam mudiyaadhu, Ma'am. I am sorry. Please....."
"Sari, appadinna ennoda kelvikku badhil sollu. Innikku enna naalu"
"August 31"
"Adhu illa , innikku oru mukkiyamaana naal. adhu enna?"

(Ayyayyo ennanu theriyalaye. Indha Loose-a eppadiyaavadhu ottanume. Ok, innikku namma kollu thatha voda b'day. adha solluvom)
"Madam innikku en kollu thatha voda b'day"
"Ada madayya, inikku World Blog day"
"Bala-graphy-nu oru world famous blog ezhudhina blogger-oda pirandha naala naama ovvoru varushamum blog day-a kondadarom. adha sollama kollu thatha b'day sollure. Avaru yaaru, periya kombaaa??avaroda blog ennanu sollu "
"http://www.balajiblogs.blogspot.com/ ....madam"
"Ennappa solra. Enakku thalai ellam suthudhu paa. Balaji-oda kollu peranaa nee???"
"Aamam madam. Neengalum avaroda blog-a padichirukkeengala. Adha padicha kandippa thalai suthum"
"Ulla vaappa. Unakku teacher-a irukka naan romba perumai padaren"

Yes folks. 31st August is my birthday and it also happens to be World Blog day. Adhanaala dhaan oru vetti build up. So from tomorrow onwards I will be M24 in railway reservation charts


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