Thursday, December 08, 2005

Weird but true

You happen to see two girls. One appears ravishing and the other looks quite ordinary (not bad looking) to you. In the beginning the good looking girl grabs your attention and the other girl doesn't quite disturb you at all. But as time goes by the good looking girl starts appearing somewhat ordinary and the other girl starts appearing good and you tend to look at her the next time all three happen to be at the same place.

They might still be the same as what they were when you first saw them. But your perception about them has changed.

This might seem quite strange but it has happened to me some two or three times. I am still at a loss to understand how an ordinary looking girl can start appearing beautiful.


Blogger thennavan said...

Vere onnum illai...vayasukkolaaru, avvalavu dhaan. Idhellaam indha vayasukku sagajamappaa :-)

8:47 PM  
Anonymous b a l a j i said...

Edho neenga solreenga, naan kettukaren

12:56 AM  
Blogger kots said...

at first... we get attracted by beauty .....later liking comes when we get to know each others interest... by communicating..

thatsy...ordinary looking girl.. would have touched ur mind than.. the former.. touched ur eyes...

3:05 AM  

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