Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Drive your way to marriage

Read this in "The Hindu" today

Four women in Saudi Arabia, who work as teachers in a remote village school, married their driver so that all five of them can stay together near the village and avoid tedious travel.


-What strange reasons for people to get married???

-Now I know why many Mallus go to Arab countries to work as drivers.

-Oruthanukku naalu Arab-i wives-aaa??? Naadu thaangadhu da en dubukku!!!!

-Ayya Driver-ey!!!!
Pondaatti-ya vandiyila koottitu pora makkaL undu
Vandiyila kottittu pona pengaLaye pondaatti aakkubavargaLum undu
Idhil thaangaL endha vagaiyai saarndhavar endru ungaLukke theriyum...

(Ippadi Nagesh maadhiri polamba vittutaaney)


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