Monday, November 14, 2005

Most Influential Person

I have jumped from my seats with ecstasy while watching superstar's 'Badshah', 'Padayappa', sat spellbound while watching Sachin's extra coverdrives, felt 'Nirvana' listening to Pancharatna Krithis. These have given me the utmost happiness in my life. But when I exclaimed 'koyyaala' on seeing a Ferrari(not PrabhuKrish) in Mount Road, it was clear that more than the superheroes that I have seen and worshipped, it was a humble comedian who had influenced me the most. Strangely enough, I considered it as a compliment when one of ex-colleagues complained that I am sounding like Vadivelu.

At the same time I am not a loner. Countless people, mostly youngsters that I see day in and day out imitate him. Few things that I mentioned at the beginning are certainly impossible for mere mortals. May be that's exactly why people imitate someone who they see as one amongst them. In real life the kaipullas, veerabaagus, pulipaandis, isakkis, sudalais, sonnaans and suna paanas have won over the manickams, aarupadayappans, maduraes and sivakasis.


Although Vadivelu was doing great as early as "Singaravelan" and "Kadhalan", my first impression of him doing a comedy track was "Panjalankurichi", in which he was his trademark "Sonnaan". Sparing the second grade movies that he did with "Kovai Sarala", all his other roles are hilarious ones to see any time. The sincerity he exhibits on the screen is simply great. Watch him in 'Athindhom' and 'Annanoda paattu' if you don't believe me.

What comes to your mind immediately when you think of Dubai? In my case I can only think of 'Thupaai', 'Apithaapi', 'Saarja' and 'Bakirein'. If I consciously count the number of 'kuroop', 'sinna pulla thanama irukku, rascal', 'sangatha kootunga/kalainga', 'adhu pona maasam/vaaram', 'kelambittanyaa/vandhuttaanya', 'I am ur pest priend' that I utter I might overflow a 32-bit unsigned integer (he engineer-la. adhaan chinna udhaar).

With Chinna Kalaivaanar, stepping aside from comedy roles to become a hero, now the stage is all his. Wishing to see more 'Manadhai Tirudi vittaais', 'Winners' and 'Giris' from one of the greatest comedians.


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