Monday, October 24, 2005

My job search ends...

After about so much of dilemma and undecidedness, I finally joined my new company today in Chennai.

This incident once again proved my undeterred faith in destiny. Because about 3 weeks back I got an offer from another software company based in Bangalore. It was a very interesting job and all my enquiries about the department was very postive. So I was absolutely sure and certain to join that position in Bangalore.

I was supposed to join there on 20th. So I made some purchases for my relocation, got a No Objection Certificate for my 2 wheeler(it costs Rs.1400 :( ), got some furniture too for a new house there. I was all set to travel on 18th, when I got an interview call from this company the day before. He had picked my profile from a job site.

Just to discourage the HR guy, I told him that I had already got an offer and that I would be leaving for Bangalore the very next day itself. He told it was fine and if selected they can complete all the formalities within a day. Overcome by temptation, at the same time unwilling to rule out any opportunity, I played my cards and attended that interview.

Unexpectedly it went through fine and I got selected. Things happened at a tremendous pace and before I could realise what was happening, I was sitting with the HR manager for the final interview. And within another couple of hours time, I got a confirmation email from the HR. Under normal circumstances, it would take a week's time.

All my plans came to a halt. I didnt know which one to take. Both are mighty organisations, with very good and interesting domains to accomadate me. It was very tough as neither of the two could be discounted on any grounds.

I should thank all my friends who put up with my long phone calls and gave their valuable insight, advice to me and guided me in taking this decision.

I feel that it is my destiny that I should stay with my family, which I too prefer as it is tough to stay alone, because all that happened on that eventful day were too much to be mere coincidences. At the same time given the sudden turn of events, I didn't want to post this, until I join duty.

"Bangalore poga vendiya naan, cycle gap-la slip aagi U-turn adichu thirumba Madras-ke vandhutten"


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