Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mazhai mazhai mazhai

Ennada evan 3 dhadavai 'mazhai'-nu solraanenu paakkaReengala

1st mazhai - Madras-la peyyaRa super mazhai
2nd mazhai - Mazhai-la bore adikkudhe-nu naan paartha 'mazhai' padam
3rd mazhai - Andha 'mazhai' padathula peyyaRa mazhai.

Proceeding from 3rd mazhai to the 1st, mazhai in the "Mazhai" movie has more number of appearances than any other character. Since it is the one that unites the hero and heroine many times in the movie, it can also be called 'Maama' mazhai.

There's nothing much to talk about the 2nd mazhai. Ordinary masala movie with too much of cinematism in the second half. The first half was quite decent. Jeyam Ravi has chosen the kind of role that would bolster his image as youthful action hero, but the overdose could have been avoided.

Now about the1st mazhai. Whatelse can be so delightful for a Chennai-ite? Thank God, I am completely vetti for another one week and can enjoy the rains staying indoors. I spent the whole day yesterday watching the downpour. The noise of rain lashing the roads, the odd crow finding shelter in the sunshade, stray cows unmindfully lazing on the streets, anxious mothers carrying umbrellas to bring their children, drenched milk vendors abandoning their cycles on the road and running into the nearest shop, auto rickshaws running with their side covers down, commuters braving the rain in their raincoats and so many other interesting sights could be seen from my house....the rain continues to thrill me the same way it did when I was five years old watching little streams run along the streets in my native village.


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