Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ghajini - overhyped

Something's lacking in Ghajini. For some unknown reason, I am not satisfied with this movie to the extent I was satisfied with Mayavi and Peralagan.

Is my dissatisfaction (mind you I am not saying disappointment) because of the too much hype, the absence of Jyothika that we are so much used to in Surya's movies, the second half, some mistimed song sequences(Rangola ola, X-machi), Nayanthara's dance, worst background music, I should rather say noise? I am not able to figure out.

In fact the film had too many pluses in it. Surya has once again done a splendid job and I am happy for him as his ardent fan. Asin is gorgeous and her own voice suits her well. 'Short term memory loss' is a new subject to Kollywood. The director had been very shrewd in having a bit of flash back in both the halves. The songs have been beautifully picturised. Fight sequences were amazing, especially the one in climax.

And most important of all, do you all remember the guy who in Poovellam Kettupaar resorted to shadow dancing by Raju Sundaram in Irava pagala song. Yes I am talking of Surya. One must see him dance in a Ghajini. Boy!!!! He has certainly come a long way in every aspect.

If I am asked to judge between Surya's footwork in Rangola song and Rahul Dravid's footwork when he is on song, I might get confused. :)

Inspite of all these, Ghajini fails to impress. Maybe because the plot was already revealed by Surya in a couple interviews, the movie seemed quite predictable. I hate comparing movies, but I couldn't resist saying that the screenplay is not as captivating as Ramanaa or Kakka Kakka. Whatever be tha case, Ghajini is certainly worth a watch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bala,
At any case, i cannot accept the Gajini is not satisfactory...
of course Jo is not thr... but also remember one more thing Jo will not be thr in all the forthcoming movies...
from JOK, i m feeling that Surya-Boomika pair is better than Surya-Jyotika pair.
Surya konjam avasara pattutaanu thonuthu... what say???

4:04 AM  

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