Saturday, November 05, 2005

I am very saree

"It would take us 10 months to save that much", he said
"Okay", she added
"We cannot afford new movies over the weekend"
"Never mind"
"Why don't we take a loan?"
"Why should we? Striving for something and achieving it always sweeter"
"If we start now, we can get it only for Diwali"
"So, lets start right now. I would love you to buy the black one that Sachin rides"
"You mean Victor???"
"I want a pulsar"
"I am content with one male"
"As you wish..."

Time rolled by
"Go to Greams road, TVS showroom. I enquired them. They give more freebies. They have a vehicle ready for delivery. We can register tomorrow"
"All right"
"Dont forget the sareeguard and sidebox. yeee you'll have new bike for diwali.."
"Take Mount road, once you get down the flyover you will see a Fitness one billboard, take a left there"
"I can find my way..."

Two hours later.
"Hiiiiii. Where is the new vehicle? Have you parked outside?"
"Give me the keys..."
"What happened?"
"I took a different route"
"Why? Did you go up Gemini Flyover?"
"Did you take the left after Fitness one billboard"
Revealing a box from behind him he said
"Because before that I saw Jyothika in 50,000 colour silk saree"

Sometimes giving brings more happiness...


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