Saturday, October 29, 2005

Water scare-city

I live just 3 streets away from where this tragedy occured. What a trauma it should be for the friends of the guy who prompted him to jump? They will have to live with a troubled conscience for all their lives. Reminds me of the tamil proverb 'viLayaattu vinayaagum'.

I think I am missing something here. Over the past few years every time there's a rain that floods the subways here, I see many people indulging in all sorts of fun and frolic in the stagnating water. Some who missed Ayudha Pooja, make use of this opportunity to wash their vehicles. I have even seen some people wash their clothes and bath in the past.

Agreed Chennai is in deep water trouble and "H20" is being popularly nominated as the Eighth wonder in these parts. But don't the people have enough common sense to realise that it is only the sewage water from the open drains that collects there. It needs no graduate degrees to deduce that stinking water is impure.

Some local heroes dived into the water(I call it as "pee thanni") from as high as 25 feet. Indian Olympic Association, please note this if India has to get medals in the diving events. There were some submerged buses and lorries in that water. What if they fatally hit some sharp corner of such vehicles? How can people be so senseless? Nothing is worth a human life and especially such trivial acts of heroism, fun or whatever one calls it.


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