Friday, November 11, 2005

Eating the words

For quite sometime now, I think Lord Saneeswaran has taken abode in my tongue. Because in the recent past, whatever 'udhaar uttufy-ing' I did, I had ended up eating my words.

It all started when I thought I would get settled with the job in Bangalore. I started making fun of other guys by telling
"Aduppu madhiri irukku, indha Chennai-la eppadi dhaan irukkeengalo theriyala".

The height of it was when I started listening Kannada songs from "Jogi". Even Kannadigas used to tell me, it was too much. In the end, I stayed in Chennai itself.

The next 'bulb' was for the company bus. Once I decided to join here, all my friends and family members asked me to take the company bus. For some reason, I detested the thought of going in a company bus. I had a feeling that it was only for ladies and lazybones. So I went to the company by bike. But the recent rains have made the roads like cross-country racetracks that I was forced to take the company bus.

The latest one is my 'udhaar' about the id tags. I hate the kind of tags that are worn around the neck. We used to call them 'naai pattai' in college. So I bought myself an id clip.

Atleast idhulayaavadhu bulb vaangama irukaNum.

"sunaa paanaa, light-a thaan veengi irukku. appadiye continue pannu"


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