Tuesday, November 08, 2005


While scanning through the TV channels yesterday, I found that 'Mohini' too has started acting in soaps. Maybe I found out very late.


Mohini is one of the actresses who missed out in Kollywood. Unfortunately for her, Kushboo was ruling the industry with worshipping fans. However I always had a feeling that Mohini was one of the better looking heroines. Considering the other second string heroines of those times like Suganya, Vinitha, Sangeetha and Sithara she was certainly better.

Regular watchers of Sun Music in the morning would have seen the song "Kaalai kuyilgale" in which Mohini would be very beautiful. Except for "Eeramana Rojave" and "Pudhu Mannargal", I couldn't even recollect any of her movies.


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