Sunday, November 27, 2005

Chennai Bloggers Meet

Each bloggers meet is a new experience. Yesterday's meet @ Amethyst lived up to it with some 30 odd people turning up. We had the grand old man of blogging, Thennavan's father joining us along with his wife (who also happens to a blogger).

My two and half hours stay there was spent catching up with buddies Somu and Sheky, making friends with Akshay, Jaggy, PrabhuKarthik, Vishnu, Viji. There were loads of other people pouring in and I couldn't keep track of them (blame it on poor memory). I met one more popular blogger of the Chennai blogosphere, Ravikumar for the first time yesterday. Jeleel, CVraman, Hari the hairdon, Kummy(Guru) are a few others I can recollect.

After a delicious Caffe Latte from Amethyst, a bunch of us moved to Woodlands Drive-In for dinner. I was spared the boredom of driving alone on way back home by Viji. Surprisingly she is the first person I know from Bangalore, who likes Chennai for what it is rather than cursing it for what it is not.

Sophia took some pictures and I politely did the honours of posing.

On the whole a pleasant evening nicely spent.


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