Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rahul will reign

I'm very happy to read this. There were times when I had felt that Dravid was being exploited for being Mr.Nice Guy. But now he is getting his due share of the credit. (Aandavan nallavangaLa sodhippaan, aana kai vida mattaan)

One of his rare pics

I had great regards on 'Dada' too until Greg Chappel's email was published. The mail seemed very credible to me. All the silly politics that he played during his tenure tarnished his image among me and my friends. Initially I felt that BCCI was partial towards Ganguly for not reprimanding his deeds. On hindsight I realise that it was the best thing to do at that time when the spirits were running high.

The selectors have neatly sidelined the non-performers without much hue and cry. I couldn't recollect the movie, but here's an apt dialogue---"Aara pottu adikkiravan thaan arasiyal vaadhi"(couldn't come up with an apt translation). That way our selectors are as good/bad as our rulers.

They have created a system, where it will be very tough for even them to bring in Ganguly. With so many passionate Ganguly fans in Bengal, I wonder what would happen to the Kolkatta match.


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