Friday, November 18, 2005

Harry Potter - Goblet grown ups

Did someone tell me "Harry Potter" is for kids? Nay...You must have the seen the mad crowds hitting the theatres. It is for the teens and the grown ups. And to all those parents of tiny toddlers, "Hanuman" is screened in the next theatre. Potter is growing up and so are the troubles.


Picturising a chartbuster novel is a great challenge. The director faces millions of fans who know every single line of the novel by heart and would expect the movie to faithfully reproduce the book. There can be improvisation but no innovation. There is no room for creativity. But then who would dare to add something to "Harry Potter". The omissions matter more than the inclusions.

In spite of all these, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" has a beautiful screenplay that makes you forget the novel. The balance is just right. The visuals of the god, I would be surprised if it doesn't win the Oscars for Best Visual Effects. I watched the movie in Mayajaal. But now I wonder what an experience it would have been in the RDX screens of Satyam. The stadium of Quiditch world cup, the formation of the Quiditch players, conjouring the dark mark, the flying chariot....the visuals just got better and better. An absolute feast for the eyes.

Mad Eye Moody, Cho Chang and Cedric Diggory are the major new characters. Fred and George have become very tall and handsome. The Indian sisters appear here and there in the movie. Harry's liking for Cho Chang is subtly conveyed in a few scenes. What I liked the most about the movie is that, it keeps you tied to the chair till the very end. There's a nice blend of humour through out. I have a feeling that Harry's friend, Finnigan closely resembles Wayne Rooney!!!!. Does anyone else feel that way.

I would have been more happier if the movie had covered the Quiditch world cup. But then my greed knows no bounds. Go watch the movie whatever be the cost of the ticket. Its certainly worth it. I am fancying a second time at Satyam next week.

P.S. The movie shows Neville giving the gillyweed to Harry before the second task. But I remember reading it was Dobby, the house-elf. I am not sure.


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