Thursday, December 15, 2005


Heard this song after a long long time in Radio Mirchi last night. I should thank my dad who asked me to drop him in Koyambedu, otherwise I wouldn't have turned on the radio in home. Absolute bliss. If you wanna feel anything close to nirvana, this song will not let you down.

At the same time it makes me regret my decision to drop out of music classes in my boyhood. I didn't want to sacrifice my playtime to learn music then. And now I am just a dumb guy searching for zeroes and ones across the web to feed my soul. When music can add so much colour to life, why can it not made a subject in school like Mathematics. Atleast we would have learnt something out of compulsion till we ourselves realised the worth of it.

Movie Name: Karnan
Singer: Susheela P
Music Director: Viswanathan-Ramamurthy
Lyrics: Kannadasan

kangaL engae...nenjamum engae...kandapoadhae senRana angae...
kangaL engae nenjamum engae kandapoadhae senRana angae
kaalgaL ingae neliyum ingae (2)
kaavalinri vandhana ingae aaa...


mani konda karamonRu anal kondu vedikkum anal kondu vedikkum (2)
malar poanRa idhazhinRu pani kondu thudikkum (2)
thunai kolla avaninrith thaniyaaga nadikkum
thuyilaadha penmaikku aenindha mayakkam aaa...


inamenna kulamenna gunamenna aRiyaen gunamenna aRiyaen
eedonrum kaeLaamal enaiyangu koduththaen
kodai konda madhayaanai uyir kondu nadandhaan
kurai konda udaloadu naaningu melindhaen aaa...



Blogger kots said...

i like that song very much...
my mother use to sing only the first few lines..
only few months before i found that song was in the movie karnan and got the lyrics...
all my friends laughed at me..collecting that song lyrics....
i thought i ve got some peculiar taste.... even ppl like u have... thats know

2:46 AM  

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