Monday, February 27, 2006

Where r u going?

Myself and couple of my colleagues were going to the cafetaria, while we noticed one guy preaching something to another guy. We heard a couple of words of their conversation and then stopped to listen. One of the guys with me was a Telugu speaking guy. He can understand and speak most of the colloquial Tamil words.

Preacher : .......andha unarvu thaan melongi irukkum. (overheard...)
Telugu Guy : Dey...ennada avanukku romba neramaa lecture adichikittu irukke..
Preacher : Self control pathi sollittu irukken. Unnaala oru maasam TV paakkaama irukka mudiyuma?
Telugu Guy : Mudiyaadhu da...
Preacher : (very concerned)Unna meeri adhu unna iyakkikittu irukku paathiyaa? Nee enga poyittu irukka !!!
Telugu Guy : (clealy not understanding the first part of the sentence) Naana??naan saapida poikittu irukken.

We couldn't control our laughter and it was very embarassing for that guy.


Blogger Harish said...

superabu!! :))

5:44 AM  
Blogger kots said...

nice one.. cudn't ctrl my laughter..... ootu kaerkarathalaium oru thrill eerukku.....

1:57 AM  

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