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Some of the most celebrated and my favourite dialogues from Superstar's Thalapathi. IMO, this was the movie that took Rajini to the heights, that Kamal can never catch up in terms of stardom. This might be the umpteenth post about "Thalapthi" in the blogosphere... but writing about it is simply irresistible

Surya forcefully gets the bangle from Subbulakshmi, donates his blood and gives the money to the father of an ailing lady. The father thankfully cries...

Surya: Azhadheenga, verum panam...
Surya returns Subbulakshmi's bangle, and she refuses to take it and asks him to give that bangle to the sick lady.
Surya: Inga paru. Yarukkavadhu nalladhu seyyanum-nu nenachainaa...adha un kayyaala sei

(I think this was Rajini's own opinion rather than the charachter Surya. But it gelled well with the movie)
First scene where Surya meets Deva on the bridge

Surya: Devarajan....Enna pannuva...Un aaLungaLa vittu enna konnuduva illa? En uyir poradhukku munnaala inga 10 uyir pogum...Un Ramana enna pannaan-nu kelu...Nyaayam-nu onnu irukku
And this is the best of them all...Surya gets released from the jail.

Surya: Yen???
Ramadurai: Deva...

If someone can convey so much in two words, it can be none other than Maniratnam.
Surya rejects Karivardhan's invitation to join him.

Deva: Naan unakku enna pannitten?
Surya: Ada adha vidu Deva...adha poyee perusu pannikittu
Deva: "Un Surya-va vittuttu vaa...naan unna indha oorilaye periya aaLu aakki kaattaren-nu" yen kitta yaaravadhu solli irundha, naan oru veLai ponaalum poyee iruppen...aana nee...

Subbulakshmi sees Surya cutting the hands of a police officer for raping a girl.

Surya: Enakku theriyum, unakku idhellam pidikkaadhu... aana naan ippadi thaan... unakku enna pidikkala illa?
Subbulakshmi: (with tears in her eyes)Pidichirukku
Surya: Appa yen azhara?
Subbulakshmi: Theriyala...

(Mani would have beautifully brought out the emotions of a timid Brahmin girl, who is a bit afraid of and at the same time in love with a rough guy)
Surya and Deva go to meet the collector.

Arjun: Niruthanum...neenga seyyara ellathayum niruthanum (Reminds me of "Nayagan")
Surya: Collector sir...neenga eppayavadhu pasiyoda irudhu irukkeengala???? packet-la 10 paisa illaama alanji irukkeengala???

Deva and his wife go to Subbulakshmi's house to get her father's acceptance.

Deva: Avan kitta enna illa???
Subbulakshmi's father: En ponna kalyanam pannikka thagudhi illa...
Deva: Ennaya periya thagudhi... Nee kooda thaan Collector office-la kuppa kottara... pasi-nnu yaaravadhu un veettu vasal-la vandhu ninna 10 paisa poduviyaa...aana avan tharuvaan....avan kitta irukkara ellathayum tharuvaan

Subbulakshmi: Enakku enga veetula kalyanam nichayam panni irukkaanga...ennaala enga appava edhirthu edhuvum panna mudiyala..
Surya: ....
Subbulakshmi: Mappillai yaarunu kekka maatteengala??
Surya: Yaaru?
Subbulakshmi: Collector
Surya: Podi...ungaLukku ellam enna venum...veLLaya oru thoalum...4 vaarthai English pesanum avvalavu thaane...

Surya talks with his step-daughter Thamilazhagi...

Surya: Naan porandha vudaney enga amma enna ippadi thooki paatha...naan karuppa asingamaa irudhanaa... avaLukku pidikkala... adhaan enna oru manja thuni-la suthi thooki veesitta... adho theriyudhu paathiya andha kaavaala thaan naan medhandhu vandhen
Thamizhazhagi: Andha kaavaaliyaa???

(The innocence of that kid would be very good in that scene)

Almost everyone's favorite scene is the one, where Surya would see his mother for the first time in temple. Only his step-father would be knowing their true identities. Surya and his mother would be separated by a pillar an d both of them would spontaneously turn back at the sound of a train. It just can't get any better.

Surya after learning his identity goes to meet the collector.

Surya: Collector sir...neenga romba nallavanga... neenga indha oora vittu poyidunga... ungaLukku oru kudumbam irukku...
Arjun: Enna bayamuruthariyaa???
Surya: Illa kenji kettukkaren... UngaLukku kooda porandha oru annan sthaanathula irundhu solren...
Arjun: Unna madhiri oru pulla porandhu irundha enga amma unna appave thooki veesi iruppaanga..

(The subtle smile from Surya would convey all the irony)

Deva suspects Surya, for not agreeing to kill the collector.

Surya: Enna sandhega padariyaa...indha Surya-va sandhega padariyaa...Natpu-na enna nu theriyuma unakku... Nanban-na enna nu theriyuma unakku... Surya-na enna nu theriyuma unakku...

I am in a spree of relishing Maniratnam's classics and these posts are a result of that.


Blogger Badri said...

Thalapathi padam thirumba parthapola iruku! thx dude...quite refreshing!

5:13 AM  
Blogger Ramya said...

Absolutely! Mani Ratnam gives gems to the world!! And who else can take it better than Rajni himself?

7:15 AM  
Blogger Peelamedu_bulls said...

Bala can't agree more. Mani is a gem ..probably more than tat....his audience is nt the vaala-meenukum-first-row guys, rather the international ones.

8:12 PM  
Blogger kuttichuvaru said...

awesome movie.... coincidentally, I jus watched the movie for the umpteenth time over the weekend..... Mani at his best!!

8:12 PM  
Blogger Anu said...

Hey Balaji,found your blog from Gandhi's blog. Was reading your articles over the weekend. We have very similar tastes - Maniratnam, Mouna raagam (my most favorite), temples, illayaraja, cricket, sachin, rajni......

Well written about thalapathi. This is one good recent movie (have heard that rajni has given very good performance in 70s movies) where rajni's acting abilities are more appreciated than his style and grace.Only a genius like Maniratnam can make such a brilliant movie.

3:00 AM  
Blogger மு.கார்த்திகேயன் said...

No one brought up the quality of acting than Mani, right from his Pagal Nilavu. I was standing in the counter for neraly 3 hours to see this film, when it was released.

And the character of Rajni is similar to Mahabharatha's Karna. When Jaishankar and Rajani was speaking about Rajni's mother in a bridge in the evening, the sun was behind Rajni..In this shot, Sun will not be visible. When Jaishankar revelaed the things, Rajni moves to right, and sun comes to visibility. That is really wonderful shot..

And padam mizhukka suriyan rajni kudave varum..mostly..

Interesting touch by Mani

3:54 AM  
Blogger Balaji said...

remembered each scene as i was reading the dialogs. super :)

3:10 PM  
Blogger Prabu Karthik said...

emorable pic and memorable post from u.
Mani is the best.

10:12 PM  
Blogger blogSurya said...

I was your 15000th visitor,its a mere coincidence.

What more can i say...

9:50 AM  
Blogger b a l a j i said...

thanks :)

i'm sad Mani-Rajni combo didnt happen after that. In fact Mani-Kamal combo too didnt happen after Nayagan

u said it

One can observe different moods of Mani in different movies. Cant really say if this was Mani's best

superstar is versatile. try watching Mullum Malarum...thambikku endha ooru

that is a brilliant scene... and i didnt quite realise the correlation between sun and rajni in that movie. thanks for pointing it out



Is that so? Its surprising that I have come this long

9:10 PM  
Blogger ck said...

hi Balaji,
been an avid reader of your blog, but only the first time to comment.

Thalapathi is a classic. I am a sucker for comraderie/friendship movies and Thalapathi is the ultimate. Wondering if we will ever see a movie of that caliber.

P/S: I like your writing style, simple and clear. keep it up

6:44 AM  
Blogger b a l a j i said...

Thalapathi is hard to be emulated.

thanks mate :)

8:51 AM  
Blogger Jus some THOTS(crazy@times) said...

SUPER!!!!!! i can't remember the no of times i've watched this movie..

10:20 AM  

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