Monday, October 01, 2007

THC 9033

Its been ages since I solved the full grid of The Hindu crossword and I somehow managed to do it today with the help of Wordweb and little bit of Googling.

Then I got this urge to write a post on how I solved them for anybody who feels lost like me at times.


1 Article in season: “Careful With Money” (7) - SP(A)RING
Season is SPRING and article is A. 'in' is an indicator for inserting A into SPRING

5 Apathy that was Proust’s undoing (6) - STUPOR
STUPOR is an anagram of Proust
'undoing' is anagram indicator

11 Stingy drunk (5) - TIGHT (double definition clue)
Both 'stingy' as well as 'drunk' have the same meaning - TIGHT

12 Tots rally around an improbable tale (4,5) - TALL STORY
Anagram of 'Tots rally'. 'rally around' is the anagram indicator

13 But such an organisation need not necessarily make a loss (3-6) - NON-PROFIT
Direct clue

14 Hunger for a bit of risotto in the grotto (5) - C(R)AVE
'grotto' - CAVE
' a bit of risotto' is R
'in' - indicator for inserting R in CAVE

15 Kiss, one that may transport one? Yes, we hear (4) - BUS S
Kiss means BUSS
'one that may transport' - BUS
'yes, we hear' - indicator for S

17 Adulation that Indian heroes enjoy? (7) - WORSHIP or GODSHIP

21 Rock that gave its name to the Hoover Dam (7)- BOULDER (Double definition clue)
'Rock' means BOULDER
'Hoover Dam' also is known as BOULDER DAM

22 Kumble’s source for indigo (4) - ANIL

26 Scene of action needing some care naturally (5) - ARENA
Telescopic clue. The answer is present in 'c arena turally'

27 Pearl, my ex, has turned worthy of imitation (9) - EXEMPLARY
Anagram of 'pearl my ex'.
'turned' is anagram indicator

29 A noggin is spilt, causing anguish (9) - AGONISING
Anagram of 'A noggin is'
'split' is anagram indicator

30 Angry buccaneer who lost his head (5) - IRATE
'buccaneer' means PIRATE
'lost his head' indicates removal of first letter

31 Medicine that can do the job when swallowed by an abstainer (6) - T ABLE T
abstainer - teetotaller - TT
'can do the job' - ABLE
'swallowed' indicates that ABLE should be inserted in TT

32 Poirot was one (7) - BELGIAN
Based on Agatha Christie's character Poirot, who was a Belgian detective


2 Heathen father on a rearing horse (5) - PA GAN
'father' - PA
'horse' - NAG
'rearing' indicates reversing of NAG

3 Sharp reply about a legal wrong (6) - RE TORT
TORT - wrong doing

4 Tell Tony if in trouble (6) - NOTIFY
Anagram of 'Tony if'
'trouble' - anagram indicator

6 Try a suit that may serve as a precedent (4,4) - TEST CASE
'Try' - TEST
'suit' - CASE

7 Trial period for a professional (9) - PRO BAT I ON
'professional' - PRO
'batsman' - BAT
number - I
on - ON

8 What chime does with time (6) - RHYMES

9 He has to be ready to fill in another’s part (5-2) - STAND BY

10 A plan too involved for the military unit (7) - PLATOON
Anagram of ' a plan too'

16 Cigarette, a big flop as a riot control aid (5,4) - SMOKE BOMB
'Cigarette' - SMOKE
'a big flop' is BOMB

18 Feel a bit funny? That’s a trifling discomfort (8) - FLEABITE
Anagram of 'feel a bit'
'funny' - anagram indicator

19 It deserves censure in an academe ritual (7) - DEMERIT (Telescopic clue)
The answer lies in 'aca deme rit ual'

20 Tiny tot’s sports arena (7) - PLAYPEN

23 Rock that may cause a blast unexpectedly (6) - BASALT
Anagram of 'a blast'

24 Hound a black bird (6) - B EAGLE
BEAGLE is a kind of hound
'black' - B
'eagle' - EAGLE

25 A jump in season (6) - SPRING (Double definition clue)
'jump' - SPRING
'season' - SPRING

28 The position of the lotus, for instance (5) - ASANA
Related to yoga positions


Blogger NIRMAL said...

I have never tried,i always thought only geeks would do.
It was a very nice way of explaining the clues.
Probably should give it a try once

8:25 AM  
Blogger Suresh said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

4:46 PM  
Blogger Yadhvi said...

a blog after a long time!!! and that too on THC... lost touch, should start again... reminds me f the good old Crossword crazy days..

4:53 PM  
Anonymous suraksha said...

oh darn :) it's been eons since i've even looked at the THC - used to be obsessive-compulsive about it at a point of time :)

gusshow on filling the grid :D it's an amazing feeling!

5:18 AM  
Anonymous scudie said...

someone has to ask this.. so much time on the hands eh? :D

7:32 AM  

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