Sunday, September 03, 2006

Random Thoughts

- Thank god for all the non-vegetarians, I have the baby corn fry for myself when we folks go out for dinner.

- Why is that the bus I take, is always overtaken by buses to the same destination?

- Some people tell their own names when they pick up their phones, instead of "Hello".
Yennu ketta, corporate etiquette-aam....Office-la yaar kitta pesarom-nu kooda theriyaama , yaravadhu phone panuvangalaa...
Sometimes they blurt out their names to creditcard marketing people also... and later crib for getting calls.... Phunny peepul...

-It is so easy to gain weight. But it takes a lot of effort and determination to shed those excess pounds. How unfair?

-Things planned well in advance, invariably flop. Whereas things done in spontaneity become super hit.


-While there are so many unrelated thoughts in this post, why shouldn't there be an unrelated picture?


Blogger Aravind said...

add this ..when we wait for a bus to one area the buses for which we waited the day before come in large numbers.
and the pic fundu was good..

10:06 AM  
Blogger b a l a j i said...

i have experienced this many times.

10:48 AM  
Blogger bindhu said...

hmm..kamalini photo poda ungalukku oru reason venumm.. ;)

6:21 AM  

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